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History Research and Documentation : GOLF CURATOR can utilize its doctorate-level research background to access important historical materials pertaining to the club or association at local, regional and national libraries and archives. Research may be conducted at libraries, newspaper.

Doctoral Level Research

History Research and Documentation : GOLF CURATOR can utilize its doctorate-level research background to access important historical materials pertaining to the club or association at local, regional and national libraries and archives. Research may be conducted at libraries, newspaper archives, museums, administrative bodies, sporting institutions, photographic archives, and specialized facilities relating to the subject. We have conducted valuable firsthand research work at dozens of specialized facilities, including the USGA Museum and Archives, Library of Congress, Tufts Archives, Museum of South Florida, CORBIS, NY Times, NY Public Library, PGA Historical Center, etc. GOLF CURATOR can do the legwork to uncover vital papers, documents and images to better define the history of the club.

Club History Writing

In many cases, research campaigns are associated with an effort by the club to better document its history. Often, this campaign will coincide with an approaching milestone or the production of a club history. As part of the archival organization, we are typically able to assemble pertinent historical writings and images that can immediately impact club newsletters and web site content. Moreover, GOLF CURATOR has a wide range of experience with the production of specialized publications or club history books, including conducting research, writing, editing and design. We can assist the club with all facets of producing a club history, from providing editorial and design advice, conducting research, or managing the entire project.

Expert Exhibition Implementation & Management

Mrs. Ben HoganAndrew Mutch meets with Mrs. Ben Hogan at Colonial Country Club (left) during the development of the USGA Ben Hogan Room (Right).

Exhibition Review and Recommendations

As part of the Archival Review and Recommendations report that accompanies each Archival Catalog, GOLF CURATOR provides a detailed review of clubhouse exhibitions. Included in the review is an assessment of the strengths of club displays as they relate to the overall history and the realities of the archival collection. GOLF CURATOR provides recommendations for better use of archival assets, providing concrete suggestions for display “chapters” that best define the history of the organization. In addition, recommendations are given for possible avenues by which the collections may be augmented or expanded through research or acquisition. In many cases, entirely new displays may be developed.

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Exhibition Implementation

GOLF CURATOR maintains unparalleled experience in the design, production, and installation of world-class golf exhibitions. We have worked directly with the finest personal collections of artwork and memorabilia from history's greatest golfers and most respected clubs. We can put our experience to work for your club, managing all aspects of exhibition development, including design recommendations, formal drawings, layout, carpentry, exhibition text, typesetting, silk screening, matting, framing, graphics, photographic work, etc. GOLF CURATOR can also assist the club with exhibition revisions, renovations, and retrofitted installations. With a team of experienced exhibition development vendors, GOLF CURATOR can produce displays of the highest caliber with the most control and affordability.

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Archive Administration

GOLF CURATOR can create a formal document outlining specific heritage policies and procedures for the club. A detailed Long Range Plan, including all aspects of collections management, preservation/conservation, acquisitions, exhibition design, security, and insurance, may be provided. In most instances, recommendations described in the Archival Review and Recommendations will provide enough long range direction for the club. Also, GOLF CURATOR can assist clubs with the development and implementation of a formal heritage Mission Statement that defines and guides archival initiatives. Finally, clubs are much better able to formulate a realistic and accurate annual or multi-year heritage budget to ensure long-term care and use of archival assets as a result of organization. GOLF CURATOR can provide recommendations and forecasts for archival and exhibition expenditures, and oversee projects so that projects reach a successful conclusion well within the scope of the club’s budget.

Acquisition and Deaccession
Many clubs possess long and valuable histories that are not always represented properly within club archives or displays. Through years of international experience with museums, governing bodies, auction houses and historic collections, GOLF CURATOR can identify and fill specific gaps within the club's archive. Through a formal acquisition policy and the development of prioritized "want lists," clubs can seek new materials from public and private sources to better represent their unique histories to their membership and guests. In addition, we can use these same reliable sources as an avenue to deaccession unwanted or duplicate items within the collection, streamlining the collection and generating additional revenue that can be used to fund archive initiatives.

Golf Curator, Inc.

Archival Organization

Most clubs and associations possess a wide range of diverse two-dimensional materials within their archives that are best utilized when evaluated and assembled into specialized sub-collections. Often, larger collections of random archival materials can be organized into sub-archives of photographic materials, film & videos, administrative files, championship administration, press clippings, historic ephemera, etc. Such work requires a keen understanding of archival management along with a specialized knowledge of golf history and memorabilia. GOLF CURATOR can provide a detailed evaluation of archival assets, organize materials into functional categories, and ensure that the historical assets of the club remain in healthy condition for generations. The following are typical services provided during the organization of a club archive.

Golf Curator, Inc.Archival Products Implementation : Subsequent to (or in conjunction with) the production of the Archival Catalog, GOLF CURATOR can provide a recommendation for the procurement of appropriate archival storage materials for the proper care of club artifacts. We can store your photographs, scrapbooks, programs, Library items and memorabilia in museum-quality archival storage supplies. Typical materials include acid-free metal-edge storage boxes, preservation file folders, mylar envelopes, sleeves, and encapsulations, rare book storage, etc. In addition, GOLF CURATOR can manage the design and installation of your archive room, including the implementation of powder-coated, fire-proof, and flexible archival storage systems. In very little time, your club assets can be stored, protected, and preserved in a stable HAVC environment for future generations.

Photographic Archives: GOLF CURATOR can evaluate, organize and properly store your club photographic collection through efficient and archivally-sound storage practices. For projects such as these it is important to have the specialized knowledge to recognize the significance of an original image by George Pietzcker, or to know the difference between George Fazio and Lloyd Mangrum, for example. Photographs, negatives and duplicate images are evaluated and stored by topic, such as biography, club history, course scenes, championship, etc. We can also assist the clubs in the implementation of a scanning campaign to digitize the collections and store the images on disc or a remote server. Regardless of the task, GOLF CURATOR can organize your photographic assets into a healthy and efficient club asset.

booksFilm & Video Archives: Most clubs and associations have a modest collection of VHS tapes, films and videos in their collections. GOLF CURATOR can assist in identifying film & video materials, and transferring, duplicating or digitizing them into a more user-friendly format. In addition, we have the specialized background to identify the very serious risk associated with nitrate-based film materials, or to understand the threat of vinegar syndrome, for example. GOLF CURATOR may also assist in the development of a collection through a research or acquisitions campaign to locate additional materials through local, regional and national sources. The proper development of a club film & video archive can transition a collection of static VHS tapes into a thriving and historical club asset.

Historic Clippings Archive: Many clubs and associations have historical background materials or press clippings buried within their collection of administrative files. These materials often provide excellent information on a wide range of topics that relate directly to the fabric of club history. These “clippings,” if identified and organized into useful topics, can provide the basis for an archive of research materials for the use of scholars, writers, researchers, members, and staff. Specialized sections can be developed within the clippings collection, such as local and regional history, club history, golf history, course architecture, turfgrass management, instruction, humor, championships, biography, etc. Clippings may be grouped by specialized topic or they may better follow in a chronological order, depending upon the nature of the collection. GOLF CURATOR can help identify these important materials and organize them into a vital and useful club research tool.


books Along with the production of the primary Archival Catalog, GOLF CURATOR prepares the following specialized reports to assist the club with the organization of its archives and to assist in the development of short and long range planning for the future care of the collection:

Inventory Review and Recommendations. A detailed written review of the collection is performed after the completion of the archival catalog. The review includes an overall value of the collection, a security and archival storage assessment, an exhibition overview, strengths and weaknesses of the collection, and recommendations for future actions. This document serves to outline the current state of the collection and provide recommendations for the future care, storage, security and display of the club's archival assets. In essence, the inventory review serves to educate the club on the specifics of its assets and to provide the framework for a successful long range plan.

Condition Report and Conservation Plan: As part of the Archival Catalog, GOLF CURATOR creates a detailed assessment of the overall condition of the club’s collection. Particularly sensitive objects are fully documented in a Conservation Plan that relates the specific area of concern, provides a recommendation for treatment, priority level, and estimated treatment cost. GOLF CURATOR can also assist the club in the management of conservation projects from start to finish, or to provide recommendations of specific reliable conservation vendors. Through the Conservation Plan, clubs can prepare a long range strategy to upgrade the overall condition of the collection, and safeguard items of historical significance in jeopardy of loss.

Library Plan: GOLF CURATOR has more than twenty years of experience in golf libraries at the highest level. As part of the Archival Catalog, we organize a database of Library assets, including books, periodicals, programs, and pamphlets. In addition, we will assist with the organization of select administrative materials such as annual reports and Minute books. All books are identified with an accession number that corresponds to its position in the database. Books are cataloged alphabetically by author, with a detailed account of the value, publishing city, publisher, date of publication, and special features such as signatures, limited editions, slip-cover editions, etc. Library materials may also be physically organized by specialized subject. We can also assist with the acquisition of books, the sale of duplicates, and the binding or conservation of damaged assets. GOLF CURATOR understands that club or association Libraries often develop into a valuable resource and a significant source of pride for the membership.


booksGOLF-CURATOR, INC. can serve as the club’s liaison for cooperation from golf associations, museums, libraries, media outlets, research facilities, archives, and vendors. Through our close relationships with various centers of history and archival vendors, we can seek photographs, scorecards, programs, tickets, and a wide variety of appropriate reproduction materials relating to the club's history. In addition, through its professional contacts in London, GOLF CURATOR can assist with the procurement and management of reproduction trophies and awards, including all details of permission, budgeting, quality control, shipping, customs, insurance, and installation. GOLF CURATOR also serves as a liaison with club members and committees. We have experience in managing special club functions, such as a history night, which utilizes prized items from the collection to gain support for archival initiatives and foster awareness of club history. We have managed silent auctions and charitable events that include the promotion and sale of archival items as a means to fund archival, exhibition and historical initiatives. Finally, we have given professional presentations and managed seminars for the edification and entertainment of the membership.