Selected Television Appearances

The Golf Channel,

Presenter for The Story of Golf, Emmy nominated documentary on golf history, 2010.

The History Channel,

The Patent Files; 2001 and Histories Lost and Found; 1999-2000.


Presenter for The Story of Golf, Emmy nominated documentary on golf history. , 1999-2000.


Jeannie Moos, Special segment on Moon Club, 1997.

Feature Publications

Golf Collector's Society Bulletin

Ceramic Room at USGA Museum, January, 2002.

Golf Magazine

Employee of the Month , December, 2001.

USGA Golf Journal

USGA, Golf Journal,Yours Ever, Walter, May 1999.

USGA Golf Journal, Back in a Blaze of Glory, June 1996.

USGA Golf Journal, Constant Care, Constant Repair, May 1994.

A Setup For Sam, January/February 1994.

Music of the Spheres, March/April 1993.
Contributed more than 40 articles in USGA Golf Journal.

President and CEO, GOLF CURATOR, INC.

DR. MUTCH is an award-winning curator, artist and historian who has appeared on the Golf Channel, The History Channel, CNN and C-SPAN. He has published illustrations, articles and columns in the world's leading golf periodicals and educational text books.

He has a Ph.D. in Museum and gallery Studies from the University of St Andrews, Scotland, a MFA in Illustration as Visual Journalism from School of Visual Arts, New York, and a BA in Biomedical illustration from Gettysburg College in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Andrew Mutch

As a gifted entrepreneur, Dr. Mutch turned his passion for art and golf into a world renowned GOLF CURATOR, INC. and CLUB CURATOR, INC., two companies dedicated to the preservation and and display of historical artifacts.

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Selected Background of Dr. Mutch

  • Founder, GOLF-CURATOR, INC.
  • Founder, CLUB-CURATOR, INC.
  • Director, USGA Museum and Archives
  • Curator/Historian
  • Select Honors and Awards
  • Teaching and Lectures
  • Professional Affiliations/Appointments
  • In-House Museum Exhibitions
  • Exhibition Design
  • Traveling Displays
  • International Displays
  • Illustrator/Designer


clubcurator.comCLUB CURATOR is a division of Golf Curator, Inc. that focuses on assisting sporting and social clubs with evaluation, care and display of their historic antiques and artifacts.